Autumn Health Tips: Keep Hair Dry at Night

Please do remember that as the temperatures drop throughout the autumn season, so does the functioning of the adrenal glands and with it the body’s ability to stay warm. Seen as straw under a microscope, hair takes 4 hours to fully dry, so please do not send your children to bed with damp hair.

hair-under-micro1    images-1  hair-under-micro2

We are already hearing coughing and sniffles.

Being near the ocean brings our salty breeze, but also dewy air, so the garden can become very cool in the morning. Please dress your child warmly and make sure they have one change of warm, dry clothes in their cubbies.

This is a wonderful time to take advantage of our garden’s harvest by ensuring your little ones eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. The orange vegetables of the season, including pumpkins and sweet potatoes, are known for their immune boosting properties.

Eat well and stay warm, mes amis!