What We Offer

About Ecole Claire Fontaine
  • As citizens of the world, when we are enthusiastic and share the pleasures and joys of learning with children, our collective ability to change the world for the better is within our reach.

    — Joëlle Dumas
  • French Pre-school/Transitional-Kindergarten-1st grade

    Serving children 2 to 7 years old for 25 years in the Venice community.

    Our progressive developmental program offers a very solid base for children to grow and blossom with. Family and community oriented, our philosophy embraces academics by integrating knowledge through play and engaging activities. Language, art, cooking and baking, biology, math, music, yoga, meditation, chemistry, botany are some of the subjects we study year round. In addition, our Summer Camp program involves regular walks to the beach, field trips and water games.

  • Art is at the core of our curriculum.

    Drawing . Painting . Sculpture . Photography . Building. Crafts . Calligraphy

    Creativity and self-expression are nurtured through a wide variety of seasonal art and life activities. Children are encouraged to explore the natural world of the campus gardens and materials gathered in the garden inspire our classroom art.

  • We provide a secure and loving placefor children to learn and play.

    Pretend play . Understand . Wonder. Analyse . Think . Experiment. Imitate . Explore. Grow.

    We believe that a child’s intelligence and reasoning are exercised through playful creativity. Play is a natural medium for children to express pleasure, curiosity, autonomy, and is integrated into our curriculum as a primary way of learning. Every day, the children also practice and experience making art, music, writing, storytelling – enriching their emotional life. In our years of providing early childhood education here in Venice, we have found this mix of class time and free play to engender each child with a deep-rooted sense of well-being and self- esteem.

  • Music

    Music, Singing . Percussion & Rhythmic instruments . Piano . Live Concerts . Performance

    Children are introduced to Language and cultures through French, Spanish and American songs. Musical rhymes accompany dances and games, enriching the learning of language and vocabulary through play. The children participate in music projects and performances throughout the year. Music classes include singing as well as playing percussion and rhythmic instruments. Individual piano lessons are also available for children 4 to 6 years old.

  • Nurturing the Mind Body and Future

    Claire Fontaine is a French immersion school.

    The children are introduced to the French language in daily interactions with teachers, through stories, songs and music class, culinary experiments, during free play in the garden, and as they follow the daily schedules of classes and activities. At this young age the children quickly begin to understand phrases and vocabulary and begin to speak and respond in French.

  • Movement

    Movement . Dance . Yoga . Capoeira . Running . Walking . Ball games

    Physical activities, meditation and yoga strengthen a child’s body and physical coordination, stimulating their powers of concentration and contributing to an increased sense of self- confidence.The children’s ability to relax, manage stress and emotions, body awareness and improved self-acceptance are additional benefits.

  • Science, Math & Biology

    Science . Measuring . Math . Ecology and Nature Discovery . Geology . Geography . Biology . Physics
  • Children are naturally curious about their environment and full of wonder and "why" questions.

  • In science class, we tap in to this curiosity by asking questions about our bodies, the earth and all the many substances in our environment. We make the experiences as sensory as possible; trying to engage as many of the senses as we can. An experiment on air & wind, for example, will involve the use of our lungs, tapping in to the weather conditions, a feather race, and the sensation of a hair dryer on your face! In experiments based on physics and natural laws, we survey gravity, mass, suction, temperature and many others. In our more chemistry based experiences, we discuss liquids vs. solids, mixing, separation, explosions, and a myriad of other exciting discoveries.

    • Science

      Activities where the children can get their hands dirty and make a mess. The experiments involve their eyes, ears, noses and hands in an effort to find answers to their wonderfully relentless questions about how things work!

    • Math

      Math class introduces the children to numbers, arithmetic, shapes and geometry. Math and measuring skills are incorporated into daily learning activities such as baking class, playing board games, gardening, and science class.

    • Biology & Ecology

      Our Gardening and Ecology Program guides children through exploration of the natural world and introduces the cycles of water and nutrients, and the life cycles of plants and animals. Children participate in rearing and observing butterflies, earthworms, rolypolys and other creatures. Care of the planet is emphasized so that children learn about recycling, conserving water, and other ways to be good stewards of the earth. All these activities develop the child’s confidence in asking questions, finding answers, exploring new things, and enjoying the world of science.