Health & Nutrition

Building Happy and Healthy Children Daily
  • The Importance of Health and Nutrition

    Organic foods prepared onsite daily and enjoyed together

    The interests of the children are of paramount importance, and that includes good health. Through their daily routines, the children come to understand the value of healthy habits and the pleasure of shared meals.

  • Le Dejeuner

  • A highlight of each day at Ecole Claire Fontaine is le dejeuner

    Our chef prepares a lunch of organic fruits and vegetables from local farmers’ markets, prepared in traditional French styles that provide the children a varied and nutritious balance of seasonal foods and flavors.

    Lunch is a time of ritual that begins with washing our hands and ends when everyone has finished eating. It is a time for the children to share food and conversation with their friends.

    At school as at home, meals are an important opportunity to strengthen the lively sense of camaraderie among our children, teachers, and members of our staff. In addition to lunch, children partake in a small breakfast and a morning and afternoon le goûter.

  • One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.

    — Virginia Woolf
  • Healthy eating habits fuel our days

    Le Petit Déjeuner 8 to 9 AM
    cereal with fresh fruit and rice milk

    Le Goûter du Matin 11 AM
    fresh, seasonal fruit

    Le Déjeuner 12/12:30 PM 
    see menu

    Le Goûter de l’Après-Midi 4 PM  
    yogurt, bread with cream cheese or homemade preserves
    pain perdu with rice milk, oatmeal, crêpes, school-baked cake

    water, fruit juices, fresh lemonade,
    roasted barley tea

  • From our kitchens

    Hors d'oeuvre

    Beet salad
    Seasonal fresh green salad
    Cucumber salad
    Fresh made guacamole
    Grated carrots with olive oil and lemon dressing
    Tomato salad with onion, olive oil and cilantro


    Chicken soup
    Fresh squash soup
    Split pea soup with croutons
    Onion soup


    Poule au pot, cooked chicken
    Baked chicken
    Roasted chicken
    Turkey or chicken loaf with fresh thyme
    Eggs (omelette, hard boiled, sunny side up, quiche)


    Oven baked tilapia
    Organic fish sticks


    Steamed brown rice
    Mashed potatoes
    Mozzarella cheese & bread

    Vegetables & Beans

    Oven roasted potatoes
    Steamed broccoli
    Steamed cauliflower
    French lentils with onions, thyme and cloves
    Baked carrots on a bed of onions
    Green beans
    Sauteed mushrooms with garlic and parsley
    Zucchini a la poele with parsley
    Mixed green vegetables, sautéed or steamed
    Braised carrots
    Cabbage with carrots
    Fennel hearts
    Vegetable jardinieres
    Mixed vegetable puree
    Brussel sprouts
    Native black beans
    Lentils with carrots


    Provençal tomato sauce
    (Fresh tomatoes, garlic, onion and thyme)
    Bechamel sauce
    School made ketchup


    During Baking Class, the children and teachers create delicious treats to share:
    Clafoutis, Seasonal Fruit Pies, Cakes, Madeleines, French Toast, Langues de Chat…