Pep' In for Toddlers

Peek. Wonder. Marvel. Explore.
  • Program Overview

  • Pep'In Toddler Program

    Pep'In provides the discovery of life in a warm and loving environment where the children feel
    confident, happy and secure.

    Toddlers having fun!

    We create a positive learning experience for children to grow.
    In our loving, nurturing environment, toddlers satisfy their curiosity and learn about their world through play, art and music. Your child
    will be able to explore the world around her/him in a variety of ways through different activities such as craft projects,
    construction/building play, singing, reading, discovering books, free play, etc…

    Pep’In was also created to help the children make the transition to our preschool program, to encourage their adaptation, and help them adjust smoothly to their new environment. After your first visit, you can reserve your Pep’In sessions here >>> sg-logo

    Our toddler program was created especially for toddlers, between 16/18 months and 2 years old, accompanied by an adult.

    • To welcome you and your child in our school community.
    • To share the French and the American culture and education.
    • To help children socialize with their peers.
    • To meet with other families.
    • Teacher Student Ratio:
      Parent Supervised
    • Age:
      16 to 24 months
    • Session:
      Tuesdays and Thursdays
    • Hours:
    • Location:
      Westminster Campus
    • Teachers:
      Laurence Pierre with Marina Ramey
  • Why Pep’In?
    Originally the meaning of the name Pep’In comes from the word “pep” which represents the energy the children give us. It also refers to growing – since “pépin” means the seed in French. Pep’In provides the discovery of life in a warm and loving environment where you and your child will feel confident, happy and secure.

    Arrivals & Greetings
    Circle Time, around
    French songs and stories
    Music with Frederic Tuesdays & Thursdays
    Manual Activity: collage, painting, play dough,
    construction/building set, puzzles, blocks, etc.
    We discover new themes and explore new topics.
    Sunset Circle with the Preschoolers around a snack
    Free play in the school’s garden
    (under the supervision of the adult accompanying the child)
    We accept a maximum of 10 children per class. The fee for each class is $40